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Hattingh Tax Specialists (Pty) Ltd is a taxation advisory and consulting firm. We offer highly specialised tax services to Individuals and Companies operating under the South Africa Income Tax Act. We are registered with SARS and the South African Institute of Tax Professionals (SAIT) as our Controlling Body.

Individual Tax Returns

Preparation and submission of IT12 returns for employees. Annual IT12 returns in terms of employees who possibly having straight-forward forms of savings and possible small business activities on the side. Clients in this category typically have the following profiles:
• Individual employees with or without:
- Passive savings,
- Residential rental properties,
- Separate service / simple trade sole proprietor activities;
• Individual pensioners, and / or
• Individual sole proprietors offering goods and services.

Corporate Tax Returns

Preparation and submission of IT14 returns in respect of smaller companies (i.e. R20 million turnover or less). Companies within this segment largely consist of service-providers, retail, small distributorships and small construction:
• Basic company tax return calculations;
• Buildings, equipment and other income-producing assets;
• Special rules for small and micro businesses;
• Company payments to shareholder/executives;
• Frequently recurring special circumstances;
• Provisional Tax.

Employer Payroll Returns

Preparation and submission of monthly EMP 201 returns as well as EMP 501 reconciliations. Mechanics and principles associated with payroll taxation. Employer-employee matching income/deduction principle as well as 4th Schedule withholding:
• General Employer Income Tax Withholding;
• Fringe benefits (Taxable and Exemptions);
• Ancillary taxes and incentives;
• Employees versus Independents;
• Frequently recurring special circumstances;

VAT Returns

The mechanics of “output and input” calculations required for VAT 201 returns. Concepts of standard rated, zero rated and exempt supplies:
• Registration;
• Tax periods;
• Accounting methods;
• Basic compliance in terms of Taxable Supplies;
• Common Zero Rated and Exempt Supplies;
• Frequently recurring special circumstances;
• Special Rules for Administration.

General Tax Administration

Record-keeping requirements, the process of assessments and additional assessments, penalties / interest as well the basics of administrative objection and appeal fall under these services.

What My Clients say

“Hattingh Tax Specialists (Pty) Ltd has taken care of my tax affairs since 2008. They have dealt with every submission, verification and audit on my behalf and I would not make use of anyone else! They are fully registered and offer prompt, professional tax services at an affordable price!”

Philla McNamara

I am very happy with the outstanding service that I received from Hattingh Tax Specialists (Pty) Ltd. They really helped me out in a way that other tax practitioners could not have. I would gladly refer anyone to make use of Hattingh Tax Specialists’ services

Morgan Willard

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